Trump Reacts To Mike Flynn’s Flip With An Enraged Meltdown

Trump responded to Mike Flynn’s flip like any dimestore wanna be godfather might. He expressed rage that Flynn would betray him.

The Daily Beast reported:
For weeks, Trump has vented privately to advisers and confidants about his anxiety over signs that Flynn had flipped. He noted the possibility that Flynn had “turned on me,” three sources close to the president independently recall him saying. These sources had relayed details of these conversations to The Daily Beast over the course of the past week.

Trump’s fears came into sharp focus this past month, as several media outlets began to report that Flynn appeared to be cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

The president—an avid and voracious consumer of Twitter and cable news—began privately fuming, according to an administration official and two outside allies of Trump. Two of the three sources noted that it sounded at times as if Trump felt personally hurt by the prospect that someone whom he admired professionally and liked personally had potentially turned.

It is a dominant characteristic of Trump’s personality that he demands full loyalty from others while showing zero loyalty to those around him. Mike Flynn was never going to be that kind of loyal to Trump. He wasn’t going to spend the rest of his life in prison while Trump continues to live the high life in the White House. Outside of Trump’s own family, there is no personal loyalty in his entire operation.

Trump doesn’t have the best people. He has the con artists, drifters, climbers, and bottom of the barrel working around him. Character and honor don’t exist in his White House, but they aren’t aren’t present in this president.

Donald Trump better get used to being angry, because the worst is yet to come.