Delusional Trump Thinks That Democrats Will Be Punished For Voting Against GOP Tax Cuts For The Rich

Trump’s political instincts are so terrible that he thinks voters will punish Democrats for voting against tax cuts for the rich.

According to the White House press pool as provided to PoliticusUSA, Trump said,”We got no democrat help and I think that’s going to cost them in the election because they voted against tax cuts. I don’t think politically it’s good to vote against tax cuts.”

Democrats weren’t voting against garden variety tax cuts. They were voting against the biggest upward redistribution of wealth in modern US history.

The American people disapprove of the Republican plan by more than a 2to 1 margin, so the idea that voters will punish Democrats for voting against it is out of touch with reality.

Democrats are going to run against the late night Republican robbery for the rich in 2018. Only a delusional fool would think that voters would punish what the Democrats did, and will do again when the final bill comes up for a vote.

Trump’s greatest legislative achievement is giving himself a tax cut. The ads write themselves, but this president is too willfully ignorant to see that it’s Republicans who are going to pay.