Sellout Orrin Hatch Says Roy Moore’s Pedophilia Is No Big Deal Since It Happened So Long Ago

Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah continued his Trump-era selling out on Monday, saying that allegations made against Alabama Senate candidate and alleged child molester Roy Moore are no big deal – even he’s guilty – since it all happened so long ago.

According to The Hill, Hatch made this stunning remark to justify the repeated accusations being made against Moore: “Many of the things he allegedly did were decades ago. So, you know, it’s hard.”

In other words, according to the Republican senator, alleged child molestation is A-okay so long as a sufficient number of years pass before you’re caught.

To add fuel to this nauseating fire, Hatch defended Donald Trump’s decision to endorse Moore, falling into line with a growing number of Republicans who believe a vote for tax cuts for the rich is more important than preventing a sexual predator from having a seat in the U.S. Senate.

“I don’t think he had any choice but to do that,” Hatch said of Trump’s decision to officially endorse Moore on Monday. “That’s the only Republican we can get down there.”

Hatch’s defense of both Trump and Moore on Monday is the culmination of at least a week of statements and moves by the 83-year-old to completely sell out to the Trump version of the GOP.

Last week, with a straight face, Hatch said of Trump, “He’s been one of the best presidents I’ve served under.”

Hatch’s full-blown evolution of a Trump Republican has been one of the more depressing, though unsurprising, developments of the past several weeks – but, hopefully, the American people won’t have to witness it for much longer.

According to reporting from October, Hatch had told close friends that he plans to retire at the end of his term next year. At the point, the best case scenario is that the U.S. Senate will have neither Orrin Hatch or Roy Moore among its ranks.