Rachel Maddow Terrifies Trump By Showing Why The Deutsche Bank Subpoena Is The Next Leap Forward In The Russia Scandal

Rachel Maddow explains why the Deutsche Bank subpoena is the great investigative leap forward that should terrify Trump.


Maddow said, “You know what? That said, Handelsblatt isn’t changing reporters and routers was the first to pick up on the story. Reuters updated the headline, neither them nor Bloomberg changed the reporting despite the White House lawyers young about it. If the money laundering money, Deutsche Bank is handing over records of the president and people near him, this is the next great leap in this scandal. This is where you get to when you follow the money. Which is how these things always get sold. And the president’s lawyers are being a little nutty about this. Like they have been a number of things since the Flynn scandal broke. Are they just being nutty? Are they only correcting part of this? Are we sure these subpoenas have happened? Why are some news outlets changing their stories about this today and others sticking with it, sticking with their original reporting? This is really, really, really important and stuff is getting weird just as fast as it’s getting interesting.”

The Deutsche Bank subpoena is huge because it shows that the investigation is broader than collusion or Russian interference in the election. The investigation is about potential illegal acts committed by Trump, his campaign, and his administration.

In all investigations, it is important to follow the money, but with Donald Trump, his entire life has revolved around money and a perception of wealth, so the financial records will reveal all to Robert Mueller.

From the refusal to release his tax returns to the President’s threat to fire Mueller if he investigates his finances, Trump has planted big red flags around his financial dealings. Maddow was right. This is a giant leap forward, and it is another sign that the investigation is increasingly focused on Donald Trump.

The White House was already paranoid and scared, but Trump will likely take to Twitter to reveal the depth of his terror.

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