Trump’s Worst Nightmare Comes True As Deutsche Bank Has Begun Sending His Financial Records To Robert Mueller

Deutsche Bank didn’t just get subpoenaed by Robert Mueller. They’ve been sending records of Trump’s financial dealings to the Special Counsel for weeks.

The Financial Times reported:

A person with direct knowledge of the German bank’s actions told the Financial Times the production of Trump-related documents had begun several weeks ago. “Deutsche could not hand over client information without a subpoena,” said a second person with direct knowledge of the subpoena. “It’s helpful to be ordered to do so.”

Trump has done everything possible to hide his financial records.

During Tuesday’s White House briefing, Press Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated that Trump has no plans to release his tax returns:

Trump’s days of hiding his financial information are just about over. Between the Mueller investigation and the possibility of a Democratically controlled Congress, the walls are quickly closing in on the President. Whatever Trump and his family have been trying to hide, Mueller is going to get, and what those records could show is the depth, scope, and potentially illegal dealings that characterize the Trump/Russia relationship.

This is Donald Trump’s worst nightmare, and it all unfolding because he fired James Comey.

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