Former Director Of The Office Of Government Ethics Blasts Kellyanne Conway And Demands She Resign

Walter Shaub‏, who specializes in government ethics and is a former Director of the US Office of Government Ethics, blasted Kellyanne Conway for violating the Hatch Act (again) by spending almost a quarter hour defending Roy Moore on Wednesday. At the end of his rant, he called on the adviser to President Trump to resign from federal office.

“Unbelievable. Spending almost a quarter hour defending Roy Moore and attacking Doug Jones is still a Hatch Act violation even if you play the word game of couching it as POTUS’s view, @KellyannePolls, and mocking those who try to hold you accountable,” Shaub wrote on Twitter.

Watch the full interview here in which Kellyanne Conway spends the entire time defending Roy Moore and desperately trying to conflate Roy Moore being accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl with the accusations by grown women against Senator Al Franken:

Shaub went on, “only shows the depths of your depraved disdain for the rule of law. If the Hatch Act Unit of the @US_OSC doesn’t find you’ve violated the law twice in the past month for this, we’ll know for sure that the recent Trump appointee is a purring lap cat installed by a corrupt Presidential administration to dismantle the last vestiges of ethics in the executive branch.

“Your mockery of Hatch Act enforcement today now proves that a written reprimand won’t be enough to deter future misconduct. It’s clear nothing short of your removal will stop the violations. On the up side, if that happens, you’ll be able tell everyone to ‘go buy Ivanka’s stuff’ all you like as a private citizen because the Standards of Conduct only apply to executive branch employees.

“But maybe you have some inside knowledge you’d care to share as to whether Special Counsel Henry Kerner is a loyal tabby who has given assurances that emboldened you to the commit this repeat offense today. I’ve been secretly hoping he’d rise to the challenge and do the right thing, but is there something I don’t know?

“Folks, this is the same Kellyanne Conway who reportedly said that having to comply with government ethics rules about disclosure is demoralizing. She is a product of the garbage ethics program (if you can call it an ethics program) run by
professional Ethics Preventers Stefan Passantino and his former assistant Jim Schultz.

“Both @RWPUSA and @NormEisen in the Bush and Obama White Houses would’ve fired these two cartoon villains after the first month—and, of course, Schultz only made it 10 months even in.

“this poor man’s imitation of Caligula’s palace. resign from federal service.”

That’s Kellyanne Conway for you. She lies so much and with such ease that to suggest she follow basic ethics that all others in her position have easily upheld is quite simply asking an impossibility. Kellyanne Conway doesn’t even seem bothered or embarrassed when caught in a lie, she shamelessly plows on in a desperate bid for President Trump’s approval.

The real problem for Republicans is that it takes outright lying and violating the Hatch Act to please President Trump. This is the man they are standing by, when they’re not standing by accused child sexual assaulter Roy Moore.

The Republican party has become a grotesque parade of the worst in human kind. A never-ending mining of the most evil, depraved, and lawless among us.

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