Trump Crumbling As 43 Percent Of Republicans Think His Campaign Colluded With Russia

Donald Trump can continue telling himself that the ongoing investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia is a liberal witch hunt, but a new poll shows that his own party thinks his campaign acted improperly with the Russians during last year’s election cycle.

According to the CBS News survey, 43 percent Republicans feel that it’s either very or somewhat likely that Trump’s team had an inappropriate relationship with Russia. It’s the latest proof that there is bipartisan agreement among the American people that the controversy surrounding the Trump’s campaign’s links to Moscow is neither partisan nor fake – it’s a massive scandal.

CBS News also noted that the recent development that Michael Flynn lied to the FBI is another serious concern for voters, even those who consider themselves Republicans.

According to the poll, “Most Americans think former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s guilty plea and cooperation with the special counsel is a serious issue for the Trump administration, including a third of Republicans.”

At the end of the day, CBS News found, “most Americans think the whole situation is an important issue to the country.”

Each time Trump claims this is all a non-issue, he’s simply expressing his own wishful thinking. In reality, the majority of the country is appropriately concerned that a sitting President of the United States worked with a foreign adversary to undermine the presidential election in his favor, and that he’s now trying to cover it up and obstruct any investigations into the matter.

Aside from hardcore Trump voters, who will stand by this dangerous president no matter what, this is a major concern for U.S. voters.

Donald Trump can and will likely continue calling this massive Russia scandal “fake news” and accuse those investigating him of waging a politically-motivated witch hunt, but the American people see right through it – and they want answers.

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