Adam Schiff Is Ready To Drop A Subpoena Bomb On Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. has suddenly gone silent on Russia, which is why House Intelligence Committee ranking member Rep. Adam Schiff is warning that if Trump Jr. doesn’t talk he will push the committee to subpoena him and make him talk.

Schiff told Greg Sargent of The Washington Post, “If they persist in this claim of privilege, then we’d have to subpoena him to come back.”

Republicans might be able to let the bogus claim of privilege stand, but the larger problem for the Trump’s is that their party is in real danger of losing control of the House. If Republicans lose the House, the subpoenas will be flying out the door quickly for members of the Trump campaign, Trump administration, and the Trump family.

In an earlier interview on CNN, Schiff laid out how Republicans in Congress are running cover for the Trump family during the hearings:

He said, “I think the committee has set a precedent that if witnesses make any flimsy claim of privlige then the House or the Senate will back away. For example, we have seen the Attorney General, not just in the House, but in the Senate too, make an assertion that they were not going to answer questions about conversations, not because they were invoking privlidge, in those case, but because they thought the President ultimately might invoke privilege, sort of a privilege to potentially invoke privilege. There’s no such thing, but as long as the House and Senate fail to act and insist then we create this new opportunity to evade oversight.”

The fuse has been lit on the subpoeana bomb, and Democrats are one midterm election away from blowing the doors off of the Russia scandal.

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