The NRA Just Put Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Toward Electing Accused Child Molester Roy Moore

Just when we thought the National Rifle Association couldn’t be any more repugnant, the extremist gun organization rises to the occasion to prove all of us wrong.

According to new reporting on Thursday, the NRA has dropped tens of thousands of dollars into the upcoming Alabama Senate race in support of GOP nominee and alleged child molester Roy Moore.

The Hill reports: “The powerful pro-gun lobbying group spent nearly $55,000 paying for mailers on Tuesday that take aim at Jones, according to Federal Election Commission filings.”

Moore, of course, has faced a flurry of credible allegations from women who say that the Republican nominee made sexual advances on them when they were in their teens and he was in his 30s. Two of the women were 14 and 16 at the time.

When the news broke of Moore’s disturbing past, Republican leaders were quick to put distance between themselves and the candidate. Now that several weeks have passed and Donald Trump – the most high-profile sexual predator in the world – has thrown his support behind Moore, it’s given others the green light to do the same.

As the same Hill report notes, after Trump officially endorsed Moore, the RNC again began putting resources toward the Alabama Republican’s campaign. Now, the NRA is apparently following suit and treating this race like any other. This despite the fact that Doug Jones describes himself as “a Second Amendment guy,” and of course the tiny detail that Moore is an accused child molester.

So not only does the National Rifle Association continue to perpetuate policies that allow guns to fall into the hands of terrorists and the mentally ill, but apparently they have no problem throwing their support behind a guy who preyed on teenage girls.