Trump Is Trapped Like A Rat As Robert Mueller Seals His Pardon Escape Hatch


Ari Melber revealed that Mike Flynn’s plea agreement requires him to cooperate with state and local authorities, which means that even if Trump tries to pardon himself and everyone around him, he won’t be able to escape state and local prosecution.



The agreement specifies that Mueller’s team gets to choose which state and local authorites Flynn will cooperate with. This means that states like New York, which is already investigation the Trump/Russia scandal for state crimes will get a chance to file charges that Trump’s pardon can’t touch.

A President can only pardon someone for a federal crime. For example, Trump could pardon himself, but if charges are filed against him in New York, his pardon, which is an admission of guilt could be used against him in a state prosecution.

Donald Trump is trapped. He has thought of the pardon as his ultimate escape hatch, but Muller just sealed his last way out closed.

Trump’s anything goes definition of presidential power is meeting the real world brick wall of Robert Mueller, and it looks like the Special Counsel is out for truth and justice.