Democratic Congressman Blows The Lid Off Trump’s Use Of House GOP To Undermine The Russia Investigation

Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) said on MSNBC that House Judiciary Republicans are doing Trump’s bidding by working to undermine the FBI and the Russia investigation.


Rep. Cicilline said, “I think what we saw when the Director testified before the House Judiciary Committee that they intended to begin the work to undermine the integrity of the FBI and the investigation of Robert Mueller. To see my Republican colleagues and the agency really attack the agency and the professionals who work there every day who risk their lives to keep our country safe was shameful. These are men and women who do an extraordinary job. It’s an incredibly respected agency, and I this is an effort to undermine Robert Mueller, undermine the FBI, because they see what’s happening. This investigation has moved into the White House now with the plea of Michael Flynn. I think that they are doing the president’s bidding on the committee.”

Republicans are abusing their investigatory power to protect Donald Trump. They are trying to make sure that Trump escapes justice because they are doing what the President is telling them to do.

There will never be a real Congressional investigation into Trump and Russia as long as Republicans control Congress. Trump’s Russia firewall could vanish overnight if Democrats win back Congress. House Republicans are trying to discredit the FBI to protect their president. The Republican Party is dead, and it has been replaced by a pro-Putin shell that exists only to keep Trump in power.