The Lights Are On But No One Is Home As Trump Reads From A Script At Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

Donald Trump couldn’t go to Mississippi and be trusted to make sense at the opening of the state’s civil right museum, so the White House had to give the President a script to read from.


There was no personal context to Trump’s remarks. Trump showed no interest in what he was talking about. The President was thrilled that Medgar Evers brother was nice to him when they net. Trump mentioned the KKK but didn’t denounce racism.

Donald Trump had no message. His remarks were dull, flat, uninspiring, and lifeless. The President couldn’t get enough energy up to fake interest in what he was talking about. It looked like Trump would rather have been in Florida, as his remarks read more like a Wikipedia entry than a statement from the President Of The United States.

Trump is disconnected and disinterested. A president should lead the country and bring us together on issues like race, but all Donald Trump is capable of is a half-hearted effort where he reads a script and tries to make everyone forget that he works each day to racially divide the country.

The lights were on, but no one was home as Trump spoke in Mississippi.