One Answer From A GOP Senator Shows Democrats Have Republicans Pinned In A Sexual Misconduct Trap

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) if Democrats had a higher standard for sexual misconduct than Republicans. Shelby’s answer revealed that Republicans are trapped because of Trump’s Roy Moore endorsement.


Shelby said, “Absolutely not. You will see all this play out. I believe whether you have a Republican, Democrat, independent, whatever you are, that you would not put up with the conduct, the bad conduct, from a Democrat or Republican. That is part of what will happen in the future. The Senate’s going to have to weigh, if Roy Moore wins, his fitness to serve in the United States Senate.”

Because Democrats took a painful stand on Al Franken, a man that they personally liked, politically, Republicans now have all sorts of problems. Republicans can’t claim that that they have a high standard for opposing sexual misconduct when they supported Trump after the Access Hollywood tape where he bragged about sexually assaulted. The party stuck by Trump after seventeen women came forward to accuse him of sexual assault.

Trump’s endorsement of Roy Moore has means that the Republican Pary is the party of pedophiles.

The GOP’s lack of morality and win at all cost attitude is coming back to haunt them.

Democrats have Republicans pinned down. Roy Moore’s fate will be decided on Tuesday, but the looming dark cloud over the party are those 17 allegations against Trump. If Democrats win back the House or Senate, a congressional investigation of those allegations is coming.

If Republicans think they have problems due to Roy Moore, it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

Unlike Republicans, Democrats don’t turn a blind eye to sexual misconduct, and their principles are going to help them win elections in the years to come.