Sarah Huckabee Sanders Attacks Obama For Pointing Out He’s Responsible For The Economic Recovery

Sarah Huckabee Sanders attacked Obama for daring to take credit for the depression that he avoided and claimed that Trump deserves all the credit for an economy that is slowing down.


Huckabee Sanders said on Fox News, “It is laughable president Obama thinks he has anything to do with the success of the economy. It was just over 1% gdp when Trump took over it has gradually gone up it will likely hit 4% next year jobs are growing it is all a direct result not just of President Trump swearing in but from the moment he was elected consumer confidence is stronger business is wanted to participate again in with him getting a bid of regulation there is a reason that it continues to go up and started when President Trump was elected it has nothing to do with president Obama. And everybody knows that including President Obama and it is laughable he takes credit for that. Jesse: This is probably the best of all time with manufacturing jobs.”

The economy is slowing under Trump.

As CNN recently reported, “The US economy has created 1.9 million jobs so far this year, according to Trump’s own Labor Department. That’s not bad, but during the same period, from January through November of last year, the economy created nearly 2.1 million jobs. Trump took office on January 20, 2017, but even if you remove January from the equation, the numbers still favor Obama. From February to November last year, the economy created 1.96 million jobs. During the same period this year, it created 1.7 million jobs. Jobs are not “roaring back,” as Trump claims. The job market is actually underperforming compared to last year.”

Trump created fewer jobs than Obama did over the same period last year. This is Obama’s economy. Trump has done nothing to invest in it or boost it. What Donald Trump is about to do via a massive tax cut for the wealthy is take money out of the economy. Trump is setting the nation up for a major recession.

Barack Obama took a country that was on the verge of a depression and through smart policy making created an environment for economic growth. It is laughable that Huckabee Sanders would try to give Trump any credit for what Obama has done. Donald Trump is the 21st Century Herbert Hoover.

The economy is heading for a drop and the man who is pushing it over the cliff is Trump.

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