Rachel Maddow Says What Others Won’t: Mike Pence Is In Really Big Trouble For The Russia Scandal


Rachel Maddow explained why Vice President Mike Pence has a world of Russia related problems and how the Trump White House is hanging him out to dry.


Maddow said, “I’ll leave you with this, Mike Pence is in trouble. It is possible that the Vice President did nothing wrong, nothing criminal, but he really has been left out in the cold by the White House when it comes to the Michael Flynn story and Michael Flynn’s guilty plea. The White House is still telling a story about how and why and when Mike Flynn was fired. A story that all defends on this account by and about the vice president that is now disproven. That doesn’t make any sense. And they are trying, I guess, to stick with this thing but really do need a new account now of how Michael Flynn was fired and why because the old one can no longer be operative. What had been their operative explanation for why Flynn was fired is the White House was shocked, shocked to learn Mike Flynn had lied to vice president Mike pence about his conversations with the Russian government.”


The MSNBC host went on to say, Either, Vice President Mike Pence is totally truthful and everyone lied to him running the transition and all these people that answered to him and lied to him and allow to tell public lies and he doesn’t mind that. Never bothered him. Or the Vice President told the same lies to cover up for Flynn that everybody else did, too. In which case, why? Why did he do that? And why did all these other senior members of the White House staff tell lies to cover up what Mike Flynn did when they knew otherwise? Mike Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI. The explanation Flynn was fired is he had to be fire because he lied to the vice president. That’s not true and Robert Mueller’s investigators are on it like lions on a gazelle.”

Pence has a world of Russia problems that no one is talking about because everyone is focused on the Trump family, but Mike Pence was the head of the transition. The Vice President was right in the thick of these conversations. The Trump White House isn’t trying to protect Pence, which suggests that if the stuff hits the fan, and Trump has to throw Pence under the bus to save his own skin, he’ll do it in a heartbeat.

Mike Pence isn’t a member of the Trump family, and this makes him the most vulnerable member of the Trump inner circle to being fed to Robert Mueller to save the Republican presidency.