African American Turnout Surges In Alabama As White People Didn’t Show Up For Roy Moore

Republicans have a big problem as the results are coming in for the Alabama Senate special election. African-Americans turned out in massive numbers for Doug Jones, while white Republican counties stayed home for Roy Moore.


MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki explained what is happening:

We talked about a refrain was not just Democrats support from black voters and turnout. Let me show you three counties and give you an example. These are majority black. Jones with 100% in. This is in the region of the state with lots of majority black counties. Here is the interesting stat. This total turnout Greene County is 78%. So it’s 78% of that level. This seems to be a trend seeing. I’ll show you another one. Here is Perry county. Jones winning overwhelmingly the turnout here 71%. Excuse me, 76% of last year in bullet county 71%. High 70s of the 2016 turnout. Contrast that to the heavily white rural areas where Moore is running up the score. So remember, in the 70s down here. Here is Winston County, Alabama. Overwhelming Moore win. This is at 55% of the 2016 level. Okay? Go north of that to Lawrence County. Again, 100% in big Moore win.

You’re at 57% of the 2016 level. We talked I think earlier about Limestone County. Again, Moore a little smaller in terms of support here than last time around but also, this is only 61% of the support. There seems to be — you’re seeing in the rural areas up here, not the same energy in 2016 compared to down hear in the heavily black counties. The turnout more impressive in the heavily black counties than up here and very quickly, one other county is white college educated suburban. That’s where they try to flip Republican voters. One county with the highest concentration is Lee County, not surprisingly the home of Auburn University. Lee has just came in. Trump won Lee with 53% of the vote. Excuse me, 59% of the Moore last time got 53%. Tonight, Roy Moore is down to 43% and that is with all of Lee county in. This is exactly when you hear the Jones campaign and look at the map of counties and circle the places with the biggest concentration and said this is where we need a big turn, this is exactly what you wanted the see.

It has been a trend in every election since Trump took office. Republicans are having trouble turning out their voters. Trump has energized an electorate, but it isn’t his own. Democrats are surging and making a Senate election in the reddest state in America more competitive than it has any right to be.