Chuck Schumer Calls The Cops After Republicans Float A Fake Sexual Harassment Allegation Against Him

Republicans tried to float a fake sexual harassment allegation against Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, who responded by turning the document over to the cops for investigation.

Axios reported, “Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said he was the victim of a fake news hit on Tuesday, and has turned over to Capitol Police a document that purports to detail lurid sexual harassment accusations by a former staffer. This was an apparent effort to dupe a news organization and smear a senator — both symptoms of an amped-up news environment where harassment charges are proliferating and reporters have become targets for fraud.”

Whoever these operatives are, they forged the signature of a former Schumer staffer and cooked up a fake 13-page allegation against the Senate’s top Democrat.

For those who were worried that Al Franken’s resignation would set off a wave of Republican efforts to push Democrats out of office that would be successful, Chuck Schumer’s response should hearten them because Democrats aren’t stupid. If somebody cooks up a fake document and allegation, follow Schumer’s lead and call the police. These smear efforts will vanish quickly once some Republicans get arrested and charged.

Republicans aren’t going to be able to use fake sexual harassment allegations to run Democrats out of office. This sort of effort was predictable after Al Franken resigned, but it isn’t going to work, and unless a whole bunch of Republicans want to end up in jail, they should end their fake harassment allegations scam.