The Doug Jones Win Proves The Democratic Wave Is Real

Trump endorsed Roy Moore, Republicans remained confident even with the allegations of child sexual assault against their candidate, but at the end of the day, Democrat Doug Jones beat Roy Moore to become the next Senator from Alabama.

Jones won because African-American turnout surged to 30%, and white voters didn’t come out to support Roy Moore.

Democrats came close in so many special elections since Trump took office, and an election that no one thought would be close became a heated race when Roy Moore beat Luther Strange in the Republican primary.

The child molestation allegations did hurt Roy Moore. The number of write-in votes for another candidate killed the Republican’s chances of winning. The polling was all over the place before election day, but it was clear that Moore was never up by as much as some of the polling suggested.

Character matters. Morality matters and Trump was unable to deliver a win in Alabama. Donald Trump’s base is shrinking right before our eyes. Trump has demoralized Republicans and energized Democrats. If you weren’t a believer in the looming 2018 Democratic wave, you should be now.

The wave is real. The momentum is there, as Democrats have shocked the world in Alabama.