Follow The Alabama Senate Special Election Results Live

Election Day is finally here. Follow the results live to see if Democrat Doug Jones can turn an Alabama Senate seat blue by defeating Republican Roy Moore.

The polling has been all over the map for this election, but the conventional wisdom is that Roy Moore has a built in advantage in deep red Alabama that will take a lot for Jones to overcome.

You can follow the official results here.

The excellent New York Times model is a valuable resource.

Democrat Doug Jones is telling his supporters to stay in line to vote:

Some conservatives are saying that the exit polling shows that Jones has a real chance:

Heavy African American turnout in Alabama:

Update: With less than 1% of the vote in, Doug Jones leads Roy Moore by 12 points.

DNC Chair Tom Perez says Democrats were all in on Doug Jones:

Update: With less than 1% of the vote in, Jones leads Moore 62.4% to 37%.

Among non-white women, Doug Jones had 92% support in the exit poll:

Update: Doug Jones leads Moore 60%-39% with still less than 1% reporting.

Troubling early results for Republicans in counties that Trump won big:

Update: Doug Jones leads Roy Moore by 1.2 points with 4% reporting.

Update with 5% in Moore leads Jones 50.3%-48.5%

At least in Limestone County, Moore is hitting his target number:

Doug Jones may have to beat estimates with his base in order to win:

Big votes come in for Doug Jones:

Update: With 21% of the vote in, Moore leads Jones 52%-47%.

Moore fell back under his target number in Limestone County:

Update: With 26% of the vote in, Roy Moore leads 53%-45%.

Update: With 52% of the vote in Roy Moore leads Doug Jones 52%-47%.

Update: Republicans are having a massive turnout problem in white counties:

Update: With 86% of the vote in, Democrat Doug Jones has pulled into the lead 49.6% to 48.9%.’

Update: with 88% of the vote in, Doug Jones leads 49.6% to 48.8%.