Trump Suffers A Devastating Defeat As Doug Jones Is The New Senator From Alabama

The Trump agenda was dealt a crippling blow as the Democratic pickup of the Alabama Senate seat means that Republicans have zero margin for error.

Trump endorsed and campaigned for Roy Moore. Trump cut a robocall for Moore. Alabama was supposed to be the heart of Trump country, and Alabama rejected Donald Trump. The demise of the Republican Party under Trump was entirely predictable from the moment that Trump won the presidential election.

Roy Moore followed the Trump playbook after he was accused of child molestation, and he lost. Ed Gillispie in Virginia tried to follow the Trump playbook in that gubernatorial election, and he lost.

There is no good way to spin this result for Trump. The President put himself on the ballot in this election, and he was soundly rejected. The morally devoid Trump mentality was not welcome in Alabama. This result cuts Trump to the bone. Donald Trump is a failing president who is leading the Republican Party to historic defeats, and the worst is yet to come. Republicans were already terrified about 2018, and the results in Alabama demonstrated that their voters don’t care about tax cuts.

Tax cuts for the rich aren’t going to get Republicans motivated and to the polls next year. Donald Trump was never a Teflon Don. He was a tinfoil tweeter who was exposed as a political liability for his own party.

Americans are taking their country back.