Fragile Snowflake Trump Completely Melts Down And Throws Roy Moore Under The Bus

Trump first tried to deny that he ever endorsed Roy Moore, and then he followed by complaining that the Republican Party needs to attract better candidates.

Trump tweeted after claiming that he really wanted Luther Strange to win:

Guess who is the reason why Republicans can’t attract better candidates? It is the same guy who has turned the Republican Party into a toxic brand in record time and still can’t find qualified people to work in his administration.

Trump and the White House can’t explain why if Roy Moore was such a terrible candidate, the President endorsed and campaigned for him.

The problem with the Republican Party is Trump. He is why Republicans are going to get their heads handed to them in the midterm election.

We have all seen this movie before. The Republican loses, and Trump’s first reaction is to throw that candidate that he supported immediately under the bus. Reality keeps interfering with Trump’s fantasies and reminding him that he is a loser.

Donald Trump has done nothing but lose since becoming president.

It was Trump who directed the RNC to support Roy Moore. It Trump who endorsed and campaigned for Roy Moore.

The fragile snowflake president is melting down as his fantasy world of greatness is being destroyed by the reality of total political failure.