Republican Sen. Bob Corker Calls Democratic Senate Victory In Alabama A Great Night For America

Sen. Bob Corker spoke the blunt truth when he told reporters that the Doug Jones Senate victory in Alabama was a great night for America.

Corker told reporters:

Senate Republicans clearly didn’t want Roy Moore. The pushing of Moore by the RNC and the White House was all Trump’s idea. The fact that some Republicans would rather lose a Senate seat and derail their own agenda for the next two years over having Roy Moore serve with them speaks volumes about the kind of person that Donald Trump wholeheartedly endorsed for the United States Senate.

The Jones win was a great win for America. It showed that Trump has not been able to fundamentally destroy the core values and decency of the nation. The country that turned it around after the Great Recession and was poised to thrive under Obama is still there.

Donald Trump is a temporary anchor who is incapable of sinking the nation. Trump lost in Alabama and decency won, and Republicans with a conscience like Bob Corker understand that Alabama voters did the right thing for the nation when they rejected Roy Moore.

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