Donald Trump Jr. Blames Obama for His Father’s FCC Chair Destroying the Internet

You’d have to be a Trump voter to fall for this one.

As the public outcry against the Republican attack on the Internet grows, Donald Trump, Jr decided to blame President Obama for his daddy’s FCC chair voting to destroy Net Neutrality rules put into place by… Obama.

Yeah, you read that correctly.

Most hadn’t heard it before this week? LOL. Who can even with these people.

The battle over net neutrality has been going on for years. Donald Trump Jr. probably never heard of it until this week, because as we have learned from the Russia investigation, unless Russians or their operatives at Wikileaks put it in an email, or it is discussed on Fox News, Don Jr. has no idea that it ever happened.

If Don Jr. knew what the rest of the country knew, he’d know that since Obama pushed these rules for Internet Freedom (the real kind of freedom, that is to say freedom for the people, instead of Republican “freedom”, which is freedom for corporations to harm people for profits), his FCC chair would not be voting to destroy Net Neutrality.

The Trump family playbook never changes. When something goes right, they get the credit, even if they had nothing to do with it. When they do something that the majority of Americans hate, which is an everyday occurrence, blame Obama.

Donald Trump Jr.’s stupid defies comprehension.

This leaves Eric Trump as the smart one in the family, and that’s not encouraging.