Trump On The Verge Of Collapse As 72% Think He Did Something Wrong Or Illegal With Russia


A new AP poll reveals why Republicans are scrambling to shut down the Russia investigations, as 72% of Americans believe that Trump did something wrong or illegal with Russia, and 63% believe that the President has obstructed the investigation.

According to the AP/NORC poll:

Trump’s approval rating in this same poll was 32%. Only 13% of Americans were confident that the congressional Russia investigation was fair and impartial. The American people have caught on to the Republican games. They don’t trust the Republican-run Congress to conduct an objective investigation of their president. They also believe that Trump did something with Russia that was illegal or wrong.


The numbers in this poll are those of a presidency on the verge of collapse. If Republicans hurry up and close down the investigations, they are going to catch hell from voters for protecting Trump. If Trump fires Mueller, he is going to look even more guilty in the eyes of the public and doom himself to being a one-term president.

Trump’s presidency has never been on solid ground, but it is now on the verge of a total cave in. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Trump’s approval ratings fall into the 20s by spring of 2018. The Russia scandal isn’t the biggest issue for voters in the midterm election, but it is a wrecking ball that is destroying the Trump presidency.