Over 100,000 People Are Ready To Take To The Streets If Trump Fires Mueller

A rumor that Trump plans on firing special counsel Mueller on Dec. 22 has been circulating on Capitol Hill. California Rep. Jackie Speier first rang the alarm last Friday during a KQED Newsroom interview. Well, there is already a response effort ready to take to the streets if the president dares to try and shut down the Russia investigation by getting rid of Mueller.

The website TrumpIsNotAboveTheLaw.org provides information on events set to take place across the U.S. if Mueller is indeed terminated.

“More than 100,000 Americans have signed up to participate in more than 500 protests in all 50 states that would occur within hours of any attempt by Donald Trump to fire special counsel Robert Mueller and/or interfere with his criminal investigation into the Trump campaign and administration,” reads a press release for the protest effort.

Though Trump denied on Sunday that he has plans to fire Mueller, he’s reportedly been expressing confidence to his advisers that Russia probe will end soon and that the special counsel will exonerate him, going so far as to saw he believes Mueller will write him a letter confirming his innocence.

Since there isn’t any evidence that Mueller’s investigation is winding down, it is strange that Trump would feel so positive about it ending in the coming weeks, especially when one takes his team’s attempts to discredit Mueller as biased and to accuse him of unlawfully obtaining thousands of emails written during the administration’s transition period. Does Trump have some delusion of strong-arming the special counsel into ending the probe?

In the meantime, those ready to take action in the event that he does fire Mueller can visit TrumpIsNotAboveTheLaw.org and look up the protest scheduled to take place nearest where they live.