Ivanka Trump Just Told The Dumbest Lie Yet About The GOP Smash And Grab Tax Cut For The Rich

On Fox and Friends, Ivanka Trump showed she’s as clueless as her father by repeated the widely debunked lie that the American people will now be able to file their taxes on a postcard.


Ivanka made it obvious why she’s Trump’s favorite kid by effortlessly lying on Fox and Friends, “I’m really looking forward to doing a lot of unravel April when people realize the effect that this has both on the processes of filling out of their taxes, the vast majority will be doing so on a single postcard. But also, having experienced the relief that will be starting as early as February. So it will be a real privilege to show not only what the companies are doing but the personal impact.”

By doing a lot of travel in April, hopefully she means fleeing the country when the American people find out that they won’t be filing their tax returns on a postcard and that rich people corporations got a tax cut worth millions, while their cut is between $60 and $400.

Ivanka Trump told such an obviously stupid lie that is easily disproven. The tax code has not been simplified. Republicans passed a 1,000 page that made the tax code more complicated, so you will still need to pay a tax preparer or an accountant to file your taxes next year. The tax code will be getting more ambiguous and complex, so that rich offspring like Ivanka Trump can exploit it to dodge paying their fair share.

Ivanka Trump is nothing more than an extension of her father’s delusions.