MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki Warns Trump And GOP About The Massive Blue Wave Coming In 2018


As 2017 comes to a close, MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki broke out the big board on Thursday to give Republicans a reality check about the blue wave that is likely to hit them in the new year.

Kornacki said that Trump’s current approval rating, which is mired in the 30-percent range, is dragging the GOP down and will likely put them on the path to a mid-term shellacking in 2018.



From the generic ballot numbers to Trump’s sagging approval rating, Kornacki laid out what will likely be a tough year for Republicans:

The generic ballot speaks for itself. When the party is up 13 points, double digits, anywhere near there, historically that’s great news for the party. Here’s something else we can look at. … The approval rating of the president, that matters a lot in midterm elections. Donald Trump in the most recent Gallup tracking poll on this, he clocks in at 35 percent. Look at the past midterm elections. Look at the approval ratings you’re seeing here. Obama in 2010 when Democrats got wiped out – he was sitting at 45 percent in Gallup. Bush in ’06, the Iraq war, post-Katrina, remember that midterm? Republicans lost the House. He was sitting at 38. You see, Trump’s very much in line here with what you’d expect to see from a president whose party takes a shellacking in a midterm election.

As Kornacki pointed out, there are a number of indicators that point to a massive GOP bloodbath in 2018, from Trump’s dismal approval ratings to Democrats overperforming in special elections across the country to recent polling that shows Republicans in a double-digit hole among registered voters.

Add this to the boiling Russia scandal and the Republican Party’s continuous efforts to please their donors by ramming through tax cuts for the wealthy and kicking millions off of health insurance, and the GOP is in for a rude awakening next year.

Republicans may have been celebrating this week after successfully pushing through a massive tax scam meant to benefit billionaires and big corporations, but those celebrations will likely be short-lived.