Trump Busted As Deputy FBI Director Confirms He Demanded James Comey’s Loyalty

Months after former FBI Director James Comey testified that Donald Trump demanded his loyalty and fired him over the Russia investigation, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe appears to be confirming some of those allegations.

According to CNN, McCabe faced a 14-hour grilling this week and seemingly confirmed what Comey said during his testimony in June, particularly the testimony from Comey that the president demanded his loyalty.

More from the report:

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe faced numerous questions this week about his interactions, conversations and correspondence with his one-time boss, former FBI Director James Comey, spanning both the FBI’s Russia investigation and its probe into Hillary Clinton’s private email server, according to multiple sources from both parties with knowledge of his testimony.


In private testimony before the House Intelligence Committee this week, McCabe told lawmakers that Comey informed him of conversations he had with President Donald Trump soon after they happened, according to three sources with knowledge of the matter.


The testimony suggests McCabe could corroborate Comey’s account, including Trump’s ask that Comey show him loyalty, which the President has strongly disputed. Comey previously testified that he briefed some of his senior colleagues at the FBI about this conversation with Trump.

Despite the fact that Comey delivered his testimony under oath, Trump was quick to call the former FBI director – who accused Trump of demanding loyalty and firing him over the Russia investigation – a “liar” and “leaker.”

“James Comey confirmed a lot of what I said, and some of the things that he said just weren’t true,” the president said at the time.

These attacks by Trump, as well as the fact that this seemed to be a case of the president’s word versus that of the ex-FBI director, seemed to give his apologists a good excuse to call it a wash.

But McCabe’s testimony – especially since he is a current high-ranking member of the FBI – gives new credibility to the explosive allegations Comey made earlier in the year, and it only further builds the evergrowing case that Donald Trump obstructed justice.

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