Eric Trump Whines That His Dad’s Presidency Is Slowing Down The Family Business

Eric Trump lamented in a new interview that his father’s presidency has really taken its toll on the family business.

According to The New York Times, the Trump son said that the ability of the Trump Organization to strike new deals is limited with his father in the White House.

More from the Times:

“We have the best properties in the world; they’re doing extraordinarily well,” he said, without providing details on the company’s financial performance. “And if we have to take a break for an eight-year period of time or a four-year period, then it is what it is.”


Eric Trump said his father’s presidency had complicated the company’s ability to start new deals. The company pledged not to pursue new foreign ventures, and it is vetting potential domestic deals to avoid controversy, retaining Bobby Burchfield, a Washington lawyer, to protect the Trumps from doing business with partners that might have conflicts of interest or checkered pasts.

To be fair, it’s not just the Trump Organization that is failing to strike deals. Trump himself, despite claiming to be a master negotiator, has failed miserably in amassing legislative accomplishments – even with a GOP controlled Congress.

But as the report noted, it’s not clear how poorly Trump’s organization is doing since they don’t release that information to shareholders. What we do know is that the tax scam rammed through the GOP Congress and signed by the president is likely to benefit Trump to the tune of $15 million, so Eric shouldn’t feel too bad about it.

And if it makes him feel better, his father’s presidency hasn’t just been bad for his family’s business. It’s been devastating for the country, too.