Joy Reid Rips GOP Tax Scam For Giving Away Millions To Trump And His Cabinet

AM Joy host Joy Reid slammed the Republican tax scam on Saturday, openly asking how in the world the GOP can justify cutting Medicaid and raising taxes on middle-class Americans while simultaneously giving away millions of dollars to Donald Trump and his own Cabinet members.


Reid said:

How do you justify that? Because you add on top of that just the members of the Trump Cabinet and the money they’re personally going to get from the estate tax, which is fewer than 1,100 million families in the entire country of 326 million people that even pay the estate tax … And these guys are getting $4.5 million. Steve Mnuchin, Tillerson, Betsy DeVos. … How on Earth can Republicans justify handing over that much money to super rich and then turning around and cutting Medicaid?

What we know about the recently signed tax bill is that the richer you are, the more you will benefit from it. And ultimately, it will raise taxes on millions of middle-class Americans by 2027.

As PolitiFact noted, “After the individual provisions expire, all filers who make $75,000 or less annually will see a tax increase.”

Meanwhile, the millions in giveaways for Trump and his super-rich Cabinet are permanent, which make up part of this massive $1.5 trillion con job. In the immediate future, these cuts will be paid by gutting the Affordable Care Act and kicking 13 million off health insurance. In the long-term Republicans plan to go after Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to fill the massive budget hole left behind by this bill.

As Joy Reid suggested on Saturday, there is simply no way to justify this massive redistribution of wealth from bottom and middle-income earners to the richest people in America, including the President of the United States.