Trump Has A Christmas Eve Meltdown As Russia Scandal Justice Closes In On Him

It is Christmas Eve in America, and the President Of The United States is having a meltdown because the FBI is closing in on him and his campaign’s Russia scandal crimes.

Trump tweeted:

and then Trump whined about “fake news” and the media:

Trump’s suggesting that the FBI is in the bag for Hillary Clinton and they are trying to bring him down.

No president in recent history has spent his Christmas Eve openly worrying if the FBI and Special Counsel are coming to get him. Make no mistake about it. More than poisoning the well against the FBI, Trump is scared, and he is terrified of the facts that the press is reporting about the Russia scandal.

It is Christmas, and instead of enjoying the holiday, Trump is falling apart on Twitter over the Russia scandal.

As you celebrate Christmas this year, keep in mind that this might be one of the last with Donald J. Trump as president.