Trump Gives Robert Mueller The Best Gift Of All, More Reason To Investigate The Russia Dossier

Trump’s post-Christmas Twitter tantrum about the Russia dossier gave Special Counsel Robert Mueller a huge reason to dive even deeper into the allegations that Trump was courted and turned by Russia.

The President tweeted:

Trump isn’t using an objective media source. He is tweeting about something he saw on the network that handles all of his propaganda (Fox News).

The claim itself is loaded with false and misleading information, but the bigger question is why would Trump do this?

As self-destructive as the toddler trapped in an old man’s body can be, it makes no sense for the president to be sending out tweets that paint a roadmap for the Special Counsel and his investigators. The only way Trump’s tweet could have been more obvious is if he would have tweeted at Robert Mueller himself warning him not to investigate the Russia dossier. If the Russia scandal eventually destroys Trump, it will be because the President could not keep his mouth shut, or his fingers off of his phone.

Trump has given the Special Counsel the best gift of all. He has shown Mueller that he is scared and deeply concerned about the dossier, which means that it is time for the heat to be turned up on the running scared president.