CNN Rips Trump For Golfing For 3rd Straight Day After He Promised He Was Going Back To Work

CNN ripped Trump for spending a third straight day golfing after he promised America that he would get back to work after Christmas.


Here is the text of the CNN report, “Another day of golf for President Trump the third straight day of hitting the links despite this tweet from Monday saying he would be back to work after Christmas. Take a look at this video. You can see the president here on the golf course. This is today. Where there were no attempts to block CNN’s view of the president. Yesterday was a different story. A large white truck pulled up directly in front of our cameras. It appeared to be done on purpose as that truck moved back and forth to block the view of CNN’s photo journalist and only left when the president moved on.”

The reason why Trump hates CNN, MSNBC, and everyone else who isn’t Fox News is because they report the truth. There was no “anti-Trump bias” in CNN’s report. The President said that he was going to get back to work after Christmas, but in the three days after Christmas, all Trump has done is play golf and try to hide his golfing from the American people.

Trump’s own choices make it difficult to avoid the perception that he is a tired old man who would rather be riding around in a golf cart and hitting a few balls than doing the difficult job of running the country.

It is vital that our media can report on any president’s activities, because that is how the American people stay informed.

If Trump wants to do nothing but golf, that’s fine, but lying about and trying to hide his activities is the real problem.

Accountablity matters, and CNN is trying to hold Trump accountable.