Gov. Andrew Cuomo Sounds Like A 2020 Presidential Candidate While Trashing The GOP Tax Cut For The Rich


In what should be viewed as a tactical move with a potential eye on 2020, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo trashed the Republican tax cut for the rich as a tax on blue states.



Cuomo said, “First of all, the whole bill, put the political spin aside for a moment, ago? The whole bill was a bait and switch. They started by saying we’re going to help the middle class. The bill comes out. It’s a tax cut for the wealthy and for the rich corporations. And their rationale is we believe we’re going to give the corporations a 15% windfall and we think they’re going to pass that on in terms of higher wages to the workers. Maybe they do that or maybe they put it in their pocket. Maybe they dividend it out or maybe they buy a house in the south of France. If you actually wanted to make it go to higher wages for workers, you could have put that in the law. You could have said to corporations, we’re giving you 15%, but we want you to pass that onto the workers by “X.” 10%, 5%, whatever. They didn’t do that. It had nothing with helping the middle class. It was just a tax cut for the corporations and the rich. How did they finance it? By going to the blue states that they don’t represent and using them as a piggy bank. That is exactly what they did.”

There are two levels of Cuomo’s attack on the tax cuts. Gov. Cuomo’s argument works perfectly for Democrats who are running for Republican-held House seats in states like New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and California in 2018. Democratic candidates in all of these states and others where people are going to their taxes go up because the capped deduction will be slamming incumbent Republicans who voted for the bill from now until Election Day.

The second level is what Cuomo’s attack meant for 2020. It is easy to see governors like Cuomo and McCauliffe running for the Democratic nomination under the banner of being on the state level frontlines in the fight against Trump.

Andrew Cuomo sounded like a Democratic presidential candidate, but at this point, it would be an interesting exercise to try to rule out which Democrats won’t be running for president. The Democratic field in 2020 is going to be huge, and Andrew Cuomo sounds like he is flirting with making a run at the nomination.