Obama Stalker Trump Falsely Claims That He Is As Popular As Beloved Ex-President


Trump’s Obama insecurity is boundless, as he has falsely claimed that he and the former president have the same approval rating.

Trump tweeted:


Let’s break this one down with three facts:

1). Trump’s approval rating is an average of 37.7%.

2). Obama’s approval rating in December 2009 according to the weekly Gallup tracking poll ranged from 49%-51%.

3). Trump’s disapproval rating averages 56.4%. Obama’s disapproval during the same period in his presidency ranged from 42%-44%.

Trump is a net 24 to 28 points less popular than Obama. Donald Trump is the least popular first-year president in the history of polling. Trump does not have the same approval rating as Obama. It isn’t even close. There is no accurate metric where Trump and Obama’s approval ratings are equal at this time.

The President is so insecure that he is desperately trying to measure up to Obama. Donald Trump is stalking Obama. He can’t let it go. He won’t let it go, and no matter what he does, he will never be Barack Obama.