Trump Hits Golf Course For Fifth Straight Day After Promising To Get ‘Back To Work’

After promising the American people that he would get “back to work,” Donald Trump hit the golf course for the fifth straight day on Saturday.

According to the White House pool report, Trump departed his Mar-a-Lago club this morning for Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida.

As The Hill noted, “The president has visited the property each day for the past five days, and has made seven trips there total since he arrived in Florida last Friday.”

According to NBC News’ running tally, the president has visited his golf courses 89 times since being sworn in and has spent a total of 115 days at one of his properties. To further put it in perspective, Trump has spent one-third of his short presidency at one of his ritzy country clubs and more than a quarter of his time on a golf course.

One analysis finds that the total taxpayer cost of Trump’s golfing habit so far exceeds $40 million.

Trump’s fifth consecutive day practicing his chip shot comes after a Christmas Day tweet, in which the president said: “Tomorrow it’s back to work.”

Keep in mind: Trump spent the entirety of his presidential campaign either attacking former President Obama for golfing or promising that he would never leave the White House if he was elected. But according to a recent CNN report, Trump is on pace to triple the amount of time Obama spent on a golf course.

It’s one thing for a president to take the occasional vacation. Nobody could fault a man for doing that, especially when he holds the most stressful job on the planet.

But with the combination of Trump’s past pledges to be the most hardworking president in history and his complete failure to do his job responsibly and effectively over the course of the past year, maybe he should focus on not being such a dumpster fire president before he schedules so many vacation days.