Trump Is So Mentally Gone That His Lawyers Are Intentionally Lying To Him About The Russia Investigation


Carl Bernstein said that his White House sources are telling him that Trump’s lawyers are intentionally lying to him because he is out of control and they are trying to keep him from getting impeached for firing Mueller.


Bernstein said, “There is no reason to believe almost anything Donald Trump says because what we know is that the President Of The United States and his presidency is characterized above all else, by the lying of the President of the United States. That doesn’t mean that lying by the President is a crime It does mean that we see him covering up events but not necessarily criminally covering up events. And where this is going definitively we don’t know, but there are many times He has expressed I am told by people in the White House, the desire to fire Mueller, the desire to pardon people under investigation including his family. His lawyers are telling him what he wants to hear. That’s what I’m told by lawyers in the white house. They are telling him what he wants to hear to keep him and to go off and fire Mueller in a rage they have an out of control client. The President Of The United States is out of control a good deal of the time, especially when it comes to this investigation.”


Trump’s lawyers can’t tell him what is really going on because they are afraid that if he knew the truth, he would start firing people to cover-up his crimes and end up impeached. Remember, all Republicans ever wanted from Trump is their massive tax cut for the rich. They’ve got their tax cut, so they now have no use for Trump. The President has few allies in Congress, so if Ryan and McConnell think that throwing Trump overboard will save their House and Senate majorities, they will turn on Trump in a heartbeat.

Donald Trump is out of control, and the reports coming out of the White House tell the story of a president who must be removed from office for the good of the country.