Trump Can Only Spew Hate After Obama Blows Him Out Of The Water With New Year’s Message


Donald Trump reminded the nation why he is the least popular first-year president in history by releasing hate-filled message wishing the country a happy new year.

Trump tweeted:


The message above was not fit to come from a president.

Former President Barack Obama’s New Year’s message is what the country should demand from the Commander In Chief:

Trump is unable to do anything but divide people, and appeal to their worst instincts. Obama reminded the nation of what is great about America. Trump used his platform to stomp his feet and rage at enemies real and imagined.

Donald Trump is obsessed with Obama. He is lost in the shadow of the former president, A great president was followed by a weak man who isn’t emotionally or intellectually up to the task of being president.

Trump is lashing out because he is failing, while Obama’s tweet is a reminder that voters will have a chance to begin to right the wrong that is the Trump presidency in less than two years.

Happy New Year, and reminder that each day of Donald Trump’s presidency is one less day that he has in office.