House Democrat Gives Trump A Brutal One Word Answer To Trump’s Demand That Democrats Pay For The Wall

Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) was asked if Democrats will fund Trump’s wall in exchange for DACA, she answered no, and made it clear that Democrats won’t be ransomed into paying for Trump’s wall.


Rep Dingell was asked if Democrats will fund Trump’s wall in exchange for DACA, and she answered, “No…. This is a man — listen, these kids, they were — I have met so many of them. They’re just crying. They’re scared to death. These are human beings. When the President said that he was going to force the congress to act, he himself said, we have to do something for these kids. You know, we — we need comprehensive immigration reform. We need to talk about national security. But we need to quit playing games with all this stuff. We need to take care of the DACA kids. We should not pass a budget in January that does not ensure that we are taking care of DACA and then we need comprehensive immigration reform for this country.”

If Democrats are going to refuse to vote for the budget unless an agreement is reached on DACA, House Republicans and Trump are about to have a big problem. Republicans don’t have the votes on their own to pass a budget right now. They are going to need Democratic votes. The way to get Democratic votes is by passing DACA, but Republicans have fear mongered on the Dreamers for so long that very few of them want to vote for DACA in an election year because they fear looking soft on immigration.

Democrats aren’t going to pay for the wall, and either Republicans pass DACA, or there will be no budget passed.

With momentum growing behind them ahead of the midterm election, Democrats are taking a stand, and a motivated Latino electorate could be a key piece needed for booting Republicans out of power in the House and Senate.

If Trump tries to play hardball on DACA, he is going to cost his party Congress.

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