Trump Humiliates America With A Tantrum Announcing His Own Dishonest Media Awards

Trump took his behavior to a new level of embarrassing by getting his undies in a knot and announcing on Twitter that he is holding his own awards show to name who he thinks has been the most dishonest in the media.

The President tweeted:

What does any of this mean?

Trump is obviously throwing a tantrum because he doesn’t believe that the free press should be reporting on the Russia scandal, or his bad poll numbers, and failing presidency. If the President does follow through and attack the media in this way, it will be another humiliating low for the nation since he took office. Trump is bent out of shape because The Washington Post pointed out that he is approaching 2,000 lies in his presidency.

Donald Trump’s tweet is a cry for help from a man who is about to see decades of falsehoods and criminal behavior come down on top of him.

Trump hosting his own fake awards to show to whine about the media, while Republicans are in danger of losing Congress is the most Trump thing yet. Remember America, Donald Trump will continue to embarrass you until he is either removed or voted out of office.