Trump Gets Trashed On CNN For Putting His Name On Obama’s Successful Economy

The truth is being broadcast nationwide as a CNN panelist trashed Trump for slapping his name on Obama’s successful economy.


Democratic strategist Keith Boykin said on CNN, “Well, the economy was strong under President Obama in the last year or so and President Trump just basically, like he does with everything, put his name on it and took credit for what had already been going on. The longest consecutive job market growth streak in history under way when President Trump took office. Now the numbers that he said were phony and fake last year are suddenly real. So what president trump is doing is basically trying to take credit for something that’s already happened. I think the American people — The American people see through it. He’s the least popular new president in American history.”

The Republican problem is that people do see through it. Trump has been coasting on Obama’s coattails, and the only major economic move that he has made will hurt growth, wages, and middle-class Americans. The tax cuts for the rich took money out of the economy and gave it to the wealthy and corporations. The impact of this decision is that people who aren’t rich are going to feel a bigger economic squeeze.

People are buying that a president who has done nothing but golf and tweet has lifted the economy strictly through his presence in the Oval Office. Republicans under Trump are a directionless ship. Voters know that it is Barack Obama who rescued the economy and got the country back on its feet. Donald Trump is taking credit for something that he had nothing to do with and there aren’t enough tweets in the world to take away the credit that Obama rightly deserves.