Something Big Is Going Down As Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Meets With Paul Ryan About Russia

The man who is overseeing the Russia investigation, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, is meeting with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan about the Russia investigation.

Scott Wong of The Hill tweeted:

Why would the man overseeing the Russia investigation request a meeting with the Republican Speaker of the House?

Rosenstein requested the meeting and has not been giving Ryan routine briefings, so this is not normal. There is something going down, and one can only suspect that Rosenstein met with Ryan to give the Speaker a head’s up about what is coming next. Given the way that the media reports have been trending, it would not be surprising if more indictments were coming, or if the FBI had new information on their end of the investigation.

Either way, when the Deputy Attorney General requests a meeting with the man who controls the impeachment process, it is not good news for Trump and his White House. Rosenstein’s meeting with Ryan could be our first clue that the Russia investigation is taking another giant leap forward. Stay tuned because it may not be long now before the collusion hits the fan.

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