Rachel Maddow: New Book Revelations Are An Obstruction Of Justice Nightmare For Trump

While much of the political world is shocked by the more personal revelations uncovered in Michael Wolff’s new book ‘Fire and Fury’, Rachel Maddow zeroed in on the legal implications and how they could turn out to be an obstruction of justice nightmare for the White House.

According to the MSNBC host, “There are a couple of serious claims in this new book … that could indicate new liability we didn’t know about before for the president and members of his family on obstruction of justice.”


Maddow explains:

There are a couple of serious claims in this new book apparently by people in a position to know that could indicate new liability we didn’t know about before for the president and members of his family on obstruction of justice. So, yes, for sure, the insults and the damning anecdotes are sort of impossible to turn away from. The former deputy chief of staff of the White House saying the president is like a child. The reported suspicion by members of the White House staff that the president may only be semi-literate. There’s a lot there, and we’ll get to some of that stuff tonight. But this is also a White House that is in the cross hairs of the biggest criminal and counterintelligence investigation ever mounted against any U.S. president ever. And, so, watch for these newly unearthed potential legal liabilities to be triggers for upset in the White House, and potentially for renewed aggression by the White House and by Republicans who support the White House against the special counsel and the FBI. 

As Maddow noted, there were some jaw-dropping revelations made in the book, some even funny, but the ones that matter most are those that raise more legal questions for the president, his family, and his inner circle.

One in particular, as Maddow showed during her program, was that a spokesman for Trump’s lawyer believed he personally witnessed the president obstructing justice on Air Force One. He even quit his job over it.

“Corallo (the spokesman for Trump’s legal team), seeing no good outcome-and privately confiding that he believed the meeting on Air Force One represented a likely obstruction of justice-quit,” the book states.

So while the new details continue to build the legal case against Trump, they also increase the likelihood that the president and his GOP apologists in Congress will escalate their war on special counsel Robert Mueller and the FBI.

With Trump and his team likely to become more desperate as the evidence continues to mount, Congress should move to protect Robert Mueller and the Russia investigation before it’s too late.