Trump’s Day Gets Even Worse As Adam Schiff Obliterates All Of The President’s Russia Denials

The man who in less than a year could be leading the House Russia investigation, Rep. Adam Schiff, just destroyed all of Trump’s efforts to distance himself from the players in the Russia scandal.

Schiff responded to Trump’s trashing of Steve Bannon with an insightful tweet:

Rep. Schiff was right. Trump’s first move when anyone involved in the Russia scandal turns on him is to deny that he had anything to do with the person, or that they had any influence. Well all else fails, Trump shouts fake news and runs away.

Schiff tweet shows that if he takes over the House Russia investigation next year, he is not going to be snowed by Trump’s denials. The President wants the American people to believe that everyone around him is either lying or crazy when they talk about money laundering and potential Trump/Russia crimes.

Adam Schiff is on to Trump, and his tweet was a preview of what is waiting for the President if Democrats take back the House.

If Bob Mueller doesn’t get Trump, it’s likely that Adam Schiff will.