Former White House Ethics Lawyer Says Trump’s Treasonous Money Laundering Game Is Up

Former Bush ethics lawyer Richard Painter said that it is over for Trump as his and family’s treasonous money laundering game is up.


Painter said on MSNBC’s Velshi and Ruhle:

I think the game’s up here for President Trump. Steve Bannon was an insider in the Trump campaign, and inside the White House, all the way through last August. And he knows what’s going on. He has the facts, because he’s been in on the meetings with all these people. He may not have been at the Trump Tower meeting but I would be shocked if he didn’t have knowledge of that before the public did. And he also has knowledge about the inside facts about what’s going on. He is a material witness, and he may have been part of this treason, but for whatever reason he’s now disclosing what he knows, at least in generalities, and acknowledging that it was treasonous.

It’s not something we have to prosecute under the treason provisions of the Constitution. There are plenty of ways of dealing with treasonous behavior and Robert Mueller is on top of it. And it may very well involve money laundering. And that’s what Robert Mueller is going to find out. But this Russia investigation is real, and I’ve been a Republican for 30 years, I would like to support Republicans, but I am not going to support any Republican who refuses to acknowledge that we have a serious problem on our hands. And Congress needs to stop trashing on Robert Mueller, making up stories about Robert Mueller, and focus on its own investigation of what happened in 2016, the election, money laundering, and any other connections with the Russians inside our government or for any of the families of people inside our government. This is very, very serious.

Steve Bannon was very careful not spill any details, but the words money laundering are being used more frequently to describe the focus of the Russia investigation. Bannon’s quotes are his first efforts to distance himself from the Russia scandal, and they send a clear signal to investigators that he will ready and willing to sing like a bird in order to take down his former White House rival Jared Kushner.

If Democrats controlled Congress, the nation would be steaming toward impeachment right now.

Trump looks like a president living on borrowed time. The shoes are dropping fast, and it is no longer a matter of if members of Trump’s family will be indicted, but which one will be indicted first.

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