Jake Tapper Shreds Trump For Getting His Little Feelings Hurt Over A Book


CNN’s Jake Tapper tore Trump a new one for trampling all over the Constitution because his feelings are hurt by a book.



Tapper said, “The third fact here about this letter, based on the president’s track record, this threat of a lawsuit is almost certainly nothing more than an intimidation technique. I always like to threaten to sue reporters, I think they’re among the most dishonest people I’ve ever dealt with in my life. Notice the keyword there, threatened to sue reporters. Wolff and publisher are in good company. He’s threatened to sue CNN, the Washington Post, the “New York Times,” the Associated Press, comedian Tom Arnold, 92-year-old Scottish widow, David Cay Johnston, Tony Schwartz, Governor John Kasich, Senator Ted Cruz, oh, and all of the women who accused him of sexual harassment and assault. And that’s just a small sampling and those are just lawsuits because of criticisms, to say nothing of his business deals. The president almost never actually follows through with these lawsuits and it would be very difficult to win a liable suit, especially to block this book prior to publication which would be tomorrow morning. Lastly, let’s all take a step back here. It’s remarkable that the president of the United States is in any way trying to stop publication of a book, breaching the right of free speech and freedom of the press that we have in this country just because said speech to be candid, hurts his feelings. ”

The interesting part of the reaction to Trump’s days long outburst over this book is how there are few people in the media, outside of state run Fox News, who are defending, rationalizing, or trying to normalize what Trump is doing. The President has hijacked national discourse for two days because people who have worked and do work for him said some unflattering things in a book.

The consensus that Trump’s behavior is unacceptable is becoming a form of nationally agreed upon common knowledge. Jake Tapper didn’t say that Trump’s behavior was unpresidential because he didn’t have to. It is obvious.

More members of the press need to follow Tapper’s lead and call out Trump when he is tantruming like a toddler.

Trump has two choices. He can grow up, or resign, because America is sick and tired of the world’s oldest teenager stomping his feet and crying into his pillow when his feelings get bent the slightest bit out of shape.