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Lawrence O’Donnell Goes To Town On Trump’s Idiotic Threat To Sue Over A Book

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell explained why only an idiot like Trump would threaten to sue over a book they didn’t like.


O’Donnell said, “Today President Trump, the Trump staff, and the Trump lawyers did everything they possibly could to sell more copies of Michael Wolff new book, including the utterly empty threat to sue Steve Bannon for things he said in the book, to sue Michael Wolff for writing the book and to sue the book’s publisher for publishing the book. The cease and desist letter by Donald Trump’s lawyers is the most legally empty such letter I have ever read. The most naive question of the day has been, will Donald Trump really sue Steve Bannon or Michael Wolff or the publisher? Speaking as someone who Donald Trump has threatened to sue, I can report to America with 100% confidence that Donald Trump will not dare to sue Michael Wolff or the publisher or Steve Bannon. The president’s empty legal threat was greeted by the publisher’s announcement that they’re speeding up the publication of the book so that it will be available for you to purchase tomorrow instead of next week.”

Only a total idiot would use his platform as one of the most famous people in the world to boost the sales of a book full of negative information. If Trump wanted to downplay the book, he shouldn’t have given it so much attention by attacking it in public. This is not rocket science. Trump is the least popular president in the history of polling, so anyone or anything that he attacks is going to instantly become popular with a large majority of the country.

Donald Trump completely screwed this up in a way that only an arrogrant blowhard of low intelligence possibly could. Trump has made sure that every person in America who pays attention to politics is going to know the details of the book.

Trump is his own worst enemy, and the president’s inability to get out of his own way is what will lead to his downfall.

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