Rep. Ted Lieu Says New York Times Bombshell Is Proof That Trump Knows He’s Guilty

Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) said the stunning New York Times report published Thursday makes it increasingly clear that Donald Trump knows he is guilty of wrongdoing as it relates to the ongoing investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia.

According to the Times, Trump fought to prevent Sessions from recusing himself from the investigation, saying he needed protection. When the Attorney General went ahead to recuse himself anyway, the president lashed out in anger.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Lieu said this type of behavior “just screams out consciousness of guilt.”


Rep. Lieu said:

As a former prosecutor, I can tell you that this just screams out consciousness of guilt. All these actions the president’s taking to try to protect himself from the investigation. If he actually thought that there was nothing to this investigation, he would have cooperated and let the investigation complete, and then he’d say, “Hey, look, there’s nothing here.” Instead, he’s fighting every step of the way to try to obstruct the investigation. That tells me there’s a lot going on there that we don’t know yet.

As I wrote a short time ago, innocent people don’t need protection from fair and thorough investigations like the one being conducted by special counsel Robert Mueller. If Trump truly thinks he’s in the clear, he likely wouldn’t have panicked after Sessions recused himself from the Russia inquiry.

On a daily basis, Trump conducts himself like a man who knows he is guilty. The eye-opening New York Times report published Thursday is just the latest example of that.

Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation seems far from over and it looks to be increasingly focused on building an obstruction of justice case against the White House – but with each new revelation, it seems clear that Donald Trump is in big trouble, and he knows it.