Hillary Clinton Outsmarts Trump Again As She Was Already Prepared For Corruption Investigation


Hillary Clinton knew that Trump was going to try to distract from his own problems by investigating her, which is why she was prepared for what Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions had done before they did it.


Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen said in CNN’s The Lead With Jake Tapper, “The thing that’s changed, of course, is that, you know, the calls for the Clinton investigations from the Republicans is Donald Trump’s favorite division from his open problems, but the Clintons actually anticipated this at the end of the campaign, I’m told. There was a little money that had come in late. Wasn’t spent at the end of the campaign. There was some pressure on the Clintons to give that money all to the DNC and they held some back knowing they were going to face some legal bills and of course they are now with this sort of fishing expedition that Jeff sessions is encouraging to, you know, save his relationship with Donald Trump.”


Knowing what we know now about the DNC was previously run, the Clintons look smart to have held some money back. Hillary Clinton has known that when Trump got into really hot water, his emergency plan was always to try to muddy the waters by investigating Hillary Clinton. This investigation, just like all of the other Republican investigations of Hillary Clinton is going to go nowhere. It is a distraction technique. Trump wants to turn attention away from the Russia investigation, and Jeff Sessions is trying to get back into the President good graces.

The giant fatal flaw in this strategy is that Hillary Clinton is not the president. Hillary Clinton is retired from politics. No one cares what Hillary Clinton is doing. Donald Trump is the president. An investigation of a president will dominate the headlines. Trump can’t make the Russia scandal go away by saying Hillary Clinton’s name into a mirror three times. There is no escape for Trump, and the fact that he and Sessions are playing the blame Hillary card shows how dire the Russia situation has become for this White House.