Republicans Are Freaking Out Because Mueller Is Getting Close To Trump On Obstruction Of Justice

According to NBC’s Howard Feinman, Republicans are freaking out and trying to discredit the Steele dossier because Robert Mueller is getting close to Trump on obstruction of justice.


Feinman said, “I think they’re trying to buy time here. I agree that for example, the stories in the New York Times over the last 24 hours, with Donald Trump saying, where is my Roy Cohn? Where is my lawyer who will protect me? Why is sessions still there? Why was Comey there? They go very strongly in the direction of obstruction of justice. That’s very strong stuff. My sense of this move was it was a response to if not directly what came out of prosecutor’s office, certainly close to them. My sense of talking to people around this case is that they’re getting close on the obstruction of justice and that’s leading people who otherwise, earlier on in this year over last year, would have kept their distance from Donald Trump. No choice but to rally around him at this point. They’re not ready to abandon him.”

Republicans are trying to defuse the Mueller time bomb before it can detonate an obstruction of justice charge against Trump. It was obvious that the request for criminal charges against Christopher Steele was a political move designed to either damage the dossier or open up a new line of attack against the FBI.

What Grassley and Graham did had nothing to do with the facts. Their move was all about throwing themselves on the tracks to protect Trump. Republicans aren’t quite ready to throw Trump overboard yet, but if the obstruction of justice charge comes from Mueller, they aren’t going to have a choice.

Trump himself is trying to destroy this investigation, and the Republican freakout is because nothing is slowing it down. Robert Mueller is barrelling toward Trump, and there may end up being nothing that Republicans can do to stop him.